Project Telescope and first contribution

This week, our class OSD600 will together contribute to the project telescope. Telescope is a tool for tracking blogs in orbit around Seneca’s open source involvement, basically it will pull all the blog posts from student in Seneca about Open source and display it in a nicely formatted html file. My first contribution to thisContinue reading “Project Telescope and first contribution”

Last Pull Request of Hacktoberfest

In the last week of Hacktoberfest, just like the third week, I fix the issue on 10secondsofcode. The issue is the project need to read the content from the multiple markdown file (md extension file) from github. Using require.context provided by webpack, I can import all file with md extension into an array: keys(): isContinue reading “Last Pull Request of Hacktoberfest”

Third Pull Request of Hacktoberfest

In the third week, I have found this project, 10secondsofcode. It is the website that teaches people about ReactJS and JavaScript from basic to advance. In this project, I have noticed that their Dark Mode does not affect the entire screen. I have created a Pull Request to solve this issue. Because React is aContinue reading “Third Pull Request of Hacktoberfest”

Second week of Hacktoberfest

In the second week, I was challenged to create a pull request that is better than the first pull request, something that more involves in fixing bugs rather than just adding simple things. Unfortunately, because of some occasions, I don’t have much time to find something that really challenged, I choose to do similar thingContinue reading “Second week of Hacktoberfest”

First Pull Request for HACKTOBERFEST

In the first week of Hacktoberfest, we are required to make a pull request to an open source project. The first pull request can be really easy like fixing the spelling or grammar of an open source project but because I cannot find any spelling or small mistakes, I searched through Github and found thisContinue reading “First Pull Request for HACKTOBERFEST”

Open Source: First two contribution

In my first step to open source world, me and my friends in OSD600 class are challenged to find and fix other people’s bugs and try to improve/add more features to their projects The first project is from Krystyna Lopez (lozinska. In here Notepad project, I noticed that if user type too much words inContinue reading “Open Source: First two contribution”

OSD600 – Lab 2: Simple Note App

In this week, OSD600 Lab 2 I have finished a simple notes taking web app It is a relatively easy web application but also involves a few interesting libraries By creating this project, I have learned about new libraries like Filer.js, Hotkeys.js and Quill but also refresh my memory about Git and Github Try itContinue reading “OSD600 – Lab 2: Simple Note App”

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