End Of the Course

This week is the last week of OSD600, Open Source class. In this week, I have some small contribution to the external and internal project.

The external contribution is about Gatsby translation. Khang Nguyen, my classmate has invited me to join him to a group of Vietnamese student at Seneca College to localize Gatsby to Vietnamese. This is interesting because I can learn about Gatsby through the translation process and I am happy to contribute to a big project like Gatsby. So far, I have create one pull request about the overview page. This is fun and I’m definitely seeing myself continue doing this in the future,

the internal contribution is a create a function to parse html fragment to text. At the beginning we are using JSDOM, but we have noticed that JSDOM does not support innerText and new line when parse to text so we decided to switch to puppeteer. Puppeteer is a headless Chrome node API. A headless browser is a browser for machines. It has no UI and allows a program — often called a scraper or a crawler — to read and interact with it. The benefit of Puppeteer with web scraping is that you can make automated tests on a real web page, grab data from websites and save it, automated boring tasks…It is tricky to plug puppeteer to our project but with a lot of help of our professor David. We are able to implement puppeteer to our project.

This is the last week of the class and I am glad that I am taking this class. Through this course, I am learning a lot about Git, github and open source. I am definitely going to continue contributing to open source project in the future.

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