Open Source: First two contribution

In my first step to open source world, me and my friends in OSD600 class are challenged to find and fix other people’s bugs and try to improve/add more features to their projects

The first project is from Krystyna Lopez (lozinska. In here Notepad project, I noticed that if user type too much words in the text box, it will be overflowed so I tried to fix by adding in the css file

overflow: scroll

so that the user can scroll up and down to see the note. Although it’s only one line code fixed but I am proud that I can contribute to other people’s project.

The second project is from Cindy Le. In here My-Note project, I suggest her to add Quill, rich text editor, to her project. I think it will look nicer and more useable.

In addition, my project has been contributed by Khang Nguyen. He issues that my Quill text formatting is not working and he suggest to replace direct manipulation of innerHTML property with Quill’s method

It is a very great experience with open source this week. Everyone helps each other fix bugs, improve codes and suggest better solutions. I have learned a lot about git, Github, how to issue a bug or suggestion and pull request.

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